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Yongtaihe is an excellent private owned and high-tech manufacturer of auto accessories. As one of the largest development and production bases of automotive security electronic products, we possess more than 500 employees and invest over CNY 0.15 billion. Covering an area of over 40000m², we are mainly engaged in manufacturing five categories of auto parts like parking sensor system, central locking system, car alarm, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and automatic auto muting system. There are totally more than 180 varieties included.

We possess several advanced industrial research and development centers in the headquarters, Guangzhou Huaruan Union, Postdoctoral Pioneer Park and Xiangtan University, as well as united laboratory with Guangzhou University of Technology. Aided with superior equipment, our subordinate famous brands like GOLDEN EYE and YTH are popular in the overseas market.

Dedicated to the development of leading auto electric products, we have possessed more than 20 patents currently. Due to the accommodation and development of 20 years, we have established strategic cooperation with various foreign companies and technical research universities.

In 2011, German WOERFU formally set up branch in China. In respect of our advanced technology, excellent enterprise management and good reputation in the market, we started the long term steady cooperation with the business department of WOERFU in China. Working as the processing factory and after sales service base of WOERFU in China, we offer the quality product with higher requirement and stricter standard as feedback.

Every year, our international sales department exports the parking sensor, central lock, car alarm and other products to more than 50 countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, etc. Our offices and image stores are distributed almost in all the large and middle sized cities at home. The overseas sales and service network covers the whole global.

Sticking to operation with infinite innovation, we focus on the market oriented guidance, technical support and optimal quality. Committed to providing the optimal product and service and maximizing the value of product for customers, we will never give up.

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