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With beautiful appearance and excellent workmanship, the rearview camera is small and compact. It is suitable for being hidden in the rear or front bumper or other parts of the vehicle, without any change of the original car structure. With the special optical glasses design, our product is waterproof and dustproof, as well as vibration and high temperature resistant. So it prevents the leavings from dropping into the lens and ensures the high definition frames.

With high quality camera, the rearview camera guarantees the safety of reversing the vehicle. In addition, it allows automatic function shift between the rear view and automatic waking up while reversing without mounting any reversing sensor. There is no need of installing infrared illuminator as the special light supplement technique enables our product to perform with excellent night vision. With super wide viewing angles of 150º or 170º, this product is able to display any obstacles behind the vehicle clearly. What's more, the function of landmark display enables our product to show the distance of the obstacles from the car and the space of reversing.

Jinhui is a specialized rearview camera manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides daytime running light, car DVR / digital video recorder, car alarm, car ultrasonic sensor, and much more.

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