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The car ultrasonic sensor is an electro acoustic converter of transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic. Using acoustic medium, it detects the objects without any touch and damage. Variant objects can be detected, such as the transparent or colored, the metal or nonmetal, the solid, the liquid and powdery object, etc. Moreover, its detection can't be influenced by dusty and rainy conditions. Our car ultrasonic sensor adapts to the working environment at temperature ranging from -40ºC to 80ºC. In addition, its sensibility is more than 150mV but its harmonic is lower than 1.2mS. With good performance, the product has a long service life. This product we supply contains 4 types, F type, J type, V type and X21 type product. Various installation sizes and different monitoring scopes enable our product to meet all kinds of needs of the users.

Jinhui is an experienced car ultrasonic sensor manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide car DVR / digital video recorder, parking sensor system, electronic car horn, daytime running light, and more.

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