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The car alarm system controller adopts the wireless remote function of central locking. It can lock and unlock the car door at distance without inserting the key into the keyhole. No matter at daytime or at night, the product is able to perform conveniently at a long distance without detecting where the keyhole is.

Work Principle
This car alarm system controller mainly consists of two parts, the transmitter and receiver. The product transmits weak electric wave besides the user and delivers it to the control system of the car. Then the ECU identifies the code of the signal and the actuator of this system locks or unlocks the car door at distance without lighting. By the way, the actuator can be the electric motor or the electromagnetic ring.

Adopting good quality materials, our car alarm system controller has a long service life and its switch can be used more than 100000 times. In addition, the signal strength of the product is up to 80dB. Even if at the distance beyond 60 meters, our product can receive the signals. Moreover, our product has variant types. According to button quantity, it can be classified into 2 to 5 keys product. Furthermore, there are many types of collapsible products. With different appearance designs and various functions, our product can meet the different needs of the clients.

Jinhui is a professional car alarm system controller manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast range of products, including car alarm, GPRS / GPS tracking system, parking sensor system, and more.

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