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A car alarm, also called remote control electronic car alarm, aims to be anti-theft by locking the ignition or the engine. Meanwhile, it has a function of acoustic and optical alarming. Using the remote controller, this product is reliable and convenient for realizing all these functions, like car door control protection, vibration detection, microwave or infrared sensor and other functions. In addition, many products are added with many other practical and convenient additional performances, like central locking, power window rolling up and trunk release with the remote controller, etc.

The car alarm is made of main unit part, induction detection part which is an inductor or a sensor, car door control part that is a switch of the door or the trunk, and the alarm part which is a horn or a flash light. In general, a car has its original alarm device which aims only at the opening or closing of the door but doesn't work even the windows are smashed. Yet the product we produce features good detection and it gives alarm if it detects the vibration of the car or other situations. Also, it is able to give quick response of abnormal situations, like the windows are smashed, the paint is scraped, and even the tires are pried, and it alerts the driver to take actions to prevent the conditions from getting worse.

Moreover, our car alarm is distinguished with one way type and two-way product. It allows arming, disarming and cutting off the engine and other performances, providing excellent protection for the car. Furthermore, the two-way product has two monitoring devices, through which the user can see what happens at the scope of detection. In addition, our product is supplied with abundant types and multiple functions, which can satisfy different requirements of users.

Jinhui is an experienced car alarm manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our products include parking sensor system, car central locking system, car ultrasonic sensor, electronic car horn, and much more.

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