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The one way car alarm is a perfect choice of car security protection device. When it detects something abnormal, it will remind and alarm the user by the horn or the flash light. Apart from basic alarming function, our product has many special features. With automatic engine power off function, it controls the ignition coil. Even if someone opens the car door in abnormal way, the car can't be started. Moreover, the property of automatic arming ensures the normal early warning even if the user forgets arming the car. This series of one way car alarms we produce has 17 models with different functions, which can meet variant demands of the users. Welcome to purchase the proper product.

4Car Searching
5Arm Reminding
7Central Door Locking System Automation
8Door Unclosed well Warning
9Auto Arm after Stopping the Car and Closing the Door   
10Help Calling/Panic
11LED Indicator Status
12Engine Power Off 
13Side Door Arm Negative Trigger
14Side Door Arm Positive Trigger     
15Intruding Warning
16Power Window Rolling up     
17Remote Trunk Release   
18Roof Light Output at Arm and Disarm         
19Emergency Disarm
20Valet Mode       
21Sensor Bypass Function         
22Trigger Record
23Power off Memory
24One Stage Shock Sensor
25Two Stage Shock Sensor        
26Central Door Locking System(Optional)    
27Door Open Reminding   
28Electrical/Pneumatic Central Locking(Optional)     
29Auxiliary Channel Output       
30Trunk Detecting       
31Built-in Shock Sensor          
32Auto Arm after Anti-false Trigger
33Learning Code
34Auto Arm(Optional),
Factory setting is ON, but Setting OFF is Optional
Factory Setting is ON, but Setting OFF is Optional
36Turning Light ON/OFF,
Factory Setting is ON, but Setting OFF is Optional
37Remote Engine Start           
38PIN Code Setting          
39Central Door Locking System Controlled by Master Door         
40Back up Reminding           

As a specialized one way car alarm manufacturer and supplier in China, Jinhui also offers car DVR / digital video recorder, daytime running light, rearview camera, parking sensor system, and more.

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