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This keyless go car alarm for engine start adopts intelligent induction of arming and disarming. The user can arm and disarm the car manually without any sound and can start the car without any key. In addition, the product supplies car searching function which is convenient for the user to find the car in the dark or crowded place. What's more, the user can use remote controller to release the trunk.

Keyless Entry System

1. This Y-3503S keyless entry system works with two channels under the frequency of 433.92 MHz and 315MHz respectively.
2. If there is any systemic interference, it is used to deal with problems, for instance, it is difficult to close the car door or start the engine.
3. This keyless entry alarm possesses all the basic properties of common alarm system.

Keyless Entry System

This 3503G keyless entry system is a GPS and GSM one-button start intelligent security system.

1.GPS Locating System
Our keyless entry system is able to locate the car by mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

2. GSM Network System
With the SIM card mounted in the main unit, the GSM network can be controlled anywhere and anytime by sending SMS orders or calling the SIM card.

3. Smart Operation Design
Our keyless entry system is engineered to be controlled both by transmitters and phones.

4. Economical Locating Method
There is no need to charge the extra fee for background of map. The intelligent car remote system will get the location with longitude, latitude and a Google link of the map.

Keyless Entry System

1.This Y-3503U keyless entry system pushes the engine to start, and it is very easy for operation.
2. This inductive alarm system offers force start if foot brake fails.
3. Automatic flameout happens when there is no foot brake operation after remote start for 20 minutes, or when there is foot brake trigger in alarming status.
4. Our keyless entry system will shut down the start function automatically if there is no ACC/ON signal or the car is being off more than 2 minutes.
5. It adopts the popular RFID recognition technology.
6. Interchangeable PKE and RKE modes are available.
7. With 32 bit rolling coding technique, this keyless lock becomes securer.
8. This intelligent car remote system owns all the basic properties of alarm system.

Keyless Entry System
Technical Parameters
Main UnitOperating Voltage 12V±3V
Operating Current<20mA
Current of Vibration Sensor1mA
Max Current of Turning Light5A
Max Current of Horn5A
Max Current of Central Locking System10A
Operating Frequency433.92MHz
Remote ControllerOperating Voltage3V
Quiescent Current<6uA
Battery ModelCR2032 Lithium Battery
Operating Frequency433.92 MHz

The keyless go car alarm for engine start is configured with a sensor, a horn, a remote controller and other devices. Adopting this product in the car, the user can open and close the car door even the trunk by the remote controller with no need of key. If there is something abnormal occurring after arming, the horn inside the car will give alarm loudly and offer protection for the car. In addition, the working voltage of the keyless go car alarm is 12V±3V and the engine provides the power directly. What's more, the remote controller can be used conveniently, which only works with a CR2032 lithium battery.

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