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This electronic car horn is small and light, configured with a high intensity shell. Also it is waterproof, moisture proof and corrosion resistant. With a high rate of electronic and acoustic transmission, it has a wide frequency range. In addition, our product not only shows excellent workmanship under the aid of the computer in design, but also has reliable property. Moreover, all of its technical specifications conform to the international standard. What's more, multiple colors are supplied, like chromium, red, black, green, blue, etc. Also the customized color is available according to the demands of the clients.

Car horn is a sound signal device of the vehicle. According to requirements and regulations during driving, the driver sends necessary sound signals for safety to warn the pedestrian and other drivers to pay attention. Meanwhile, it is also used for urging the front vehicle or delivering signals. The electronic product we produce gives good reminding performance with the sound of about 110dB. With different sound frequencies and working voltage, our product with variant types is suitable for diverse vehicles. For example, the snail shaped type is special in appearance like French horn. Apart from the property of horn, it is in fashion style and shows good decorative property. Moreover, the electronic car horn speaker adapts to the working voltage of 12V DC and 24V DC, which matches with the battery supply of car and truck or bus. This product has perfect application on large and small size vehicles.

Jinhui is a professional electronic car horn manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including visual parking sensor system, car alarm system controller, keyless go car alarm (engine start), and more.

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