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A parking sensor is an assistant device for safe parking of vehicles, also called parking collision avoidant sensor. It reminds the driver of the obstacles around by giving voice or direct display. So it can relieve the troubles of checking all the directions while parking and starting. It also helps the driver to erase defects of the vision of dead ends and obscure viewing and it increases the safety of driving.

A parking sensor system consists of ultrasonic sensor, controller, display or buzzer, and other parts. The product we mainly produce includes six types: LED display type, LCD display type, audible feedback type, VFD display type, visual type and 24V type. With different styles and functions, our parking sensor systems allow different reminding methods and can fulfill variant demands of users.

Jinhui is an experienced parking sensor system manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide range of products, including car alarm, GPRS / GPS tracking system, car central locking system and more.

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