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Technical Specifications
Model Picture Characteristics
Voice Box Parking Sensor Y-2603 Audible Feedback Parking Sensor Indication by Real Human Voice
Buzzer Parking Sensor Y-2605 Audible Feedback Parking Sensor Bee-bee Indication

Our audible feedback parking sensor can be installed in the vehicle freely because of its small volume. And it can be equipped with 2 or 4 sensors. Our company supplies two types of this series of products, model Y-2603 and Y-2605 product. If the sensor detects some abnormal obstacles, the Y-2603 type will give the indication of real human voice and the Y-2605 warns with bleeps of bee-bee. Hearing the warning tones, users can make quick reactions and our product increases the safety of driving greatly.

As a professional audible feedback parking sensor manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only parking sensor system, but also car alarm, car central locking system, car DVR / digital video recorder, and more.

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