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Details of Information
1.Monitor of the LCD display parking sensor: Digital and LCD Monitor
2.NO.of Sensors: 2 or 4
3.Working Voltage: 10~15V DC
4.Max Power: <5W
5.Working Temperature Range: -20℃~70℃
6.Display Distance: S≤2.5m
7.Alarming Distance: S≤1.5m
8.Alarm Voice: ≥50dBa

Technical Specifications
Model Picture Characteristics
LCD Display Parking Sensor 1. Auto warning system technology
2. Real time and all round protection with all sensors
3. Blue LCD display of 3:1 super wide screen
4. Dynamic matrix indication
5. Built-in and volume adjustable speaker
6. All sensors with self-testing function
Y-2680 LCD Display Parking Sensor 1.Blue LCD Monitor
2.With Voice Switch
3.Digit Unit is Meter
Y-2690 LCD Display Parking Sensor 1.Blue LCD Monitor
2.Permanent Calendar
3.Electronic Clock
4.Self-check Function
5.Internal Temperature Display

LCD display parking sensor supports 2-4 sensors at a time with a large display screen. With multiple functions, our product can meet different demands of users. This series of products is supplied with variant types, including Y-2680 product, Y-2681 type, Y-2690 and Y-2911 product. Therein, the Y-2690 type adopts blue LCD monitor. Apart from alarm function, it is provided with permanent calendar, electronic clock, internal temperature display and other functions, which promotes the product to display the relevant data on its screen clearly.

Jinhui is an experienced LCD display parking sensor manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as visual parking sensor system, one way car alarm (24V), and 4-key car alarm system controller.

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